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Find some of the videos produced by Videolized in the list below.
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music video & live recording

  • Videolized - No.1 - Florian Wolf (Drums) Performance Video 4K
  • Prior the End - The Smaller We Are (Official Music Video) | Videolized No. 2
  • Amplified Memory - Drowning the Appetence (Official Music Video) | Videolized No.3
  • Videolized: Unplugged | Red Blood Cells - DONE (4K)
  • On Festival and Backstage

  • Videolized on Festival: Oben Ohne 2015
  • Videolized Backstage im Strom 2016: Blackout Problems
  • audio postproduction and mixing

    You shot a movie or a video (eg. for YouTube) and you’re looking for someone who mixes or polishes the sound ?

    - mix
    - de-noise
    - restore
    - conform (R128 metering)

    music video (Full Service)

    Let‘ complete your music project together.

    - recording (audio)
    - mixing (audio)
    - mastering (audio)
    - video shoot
    - video editing
    - video finalisation

    live music video

    Let’s record a „LIVE“ version of your song. Audio and Video are both possible.
    Mixing is optional here.

    Peter Spyra

    - BA (hons.) Audio Production (SAE)
    - Member of Verband Deutscher Tonmeister e.V.